Monterey History

Monterey United Methodist Church History

The first Christians in this area worshiped together in 1841.  The Methodist Episcopal Church in Monterey was organized in 1847 and was admitted into the Indiana Conference.  In 1909 the churches in Monterey and Leiters Ford united with one pastor and this system has remained.

 The present lot for the Monterey Methodist Church was purchased from Michael and Ellen Keitzer in 1871 for $52.50.  A 36í x 40í church was constructed for $1400.00  Our church has survived thru several remodeling efforts and additions.  In 1927 an annex was added on the southwest side.  A basement was dug and electric lights and a furnace to include a new choir loft and pulpit.  The sanctuary received new furniture.  In 2003 a handicap ramp was added.

 Over a century ago the Ladies Aid Society was formed.  They were later know as the W.S.C.S., then as the United Methodist Women (UMW) and now as the Joy Circle.  All with the same purpose, to promote Godís work.  The Methodistís Men Group organized in 1959.  Their main mission of earning money for remodeling was accomplished by raising soybeans and holding fish fries.

 Sunday School originated in 1845 with twelve members and grew to 89 members a century later.  IN 1945 a  youth group was organized, sometimes joining with Leiters Ford for activities.  When church attendance dwindled, childrenís church was organized and later became Sunday School for children during the last half of the church service, replacing a separate Sunday School.

 We are thankful to those who started this body of church people who ministered to the community keeping the spiritual life alive through fellowship with God and mankind.  Now after 156 years of service to the community, we stand ready to serve and fellowship with our community in Godís service.